SAE4D Members


Member Benefits and Current Members

Our Members and the Board

SAE4D members are South African companies who are signatories to the Constitution of the SAE4D, its principles and values.

Membership is open to new members by application to the Secretariat of the group.

All members are equal partners in the group’s pledge and commitment to empowering employers to integrate persons with disabilities into the workplace as equal citizens. Members are required to fund the work and projects of the SAE4D.


What we need from our Members?

Our members must commit to the philosophy and Constitution of the SAE4D and support its mission both through financial and non-financial means.

Active participation by members at the Committee level and through the working groups of the SAE4D is also a priority.


What do our members get in return?

  • Access to like-minded employers who are committed to empowering persons with disabilities in the workplace
  • Sharing our best practices and databases.
  • Sharing in a database of accredited service providers specialising in Disability Integration Solutions.

Recruitment / Employee Database

The SAE4D’s  focus will be to develop synergies between various stakeholders in the employment / recruitment of persons with disabilities. This will include research into the levels of available skills and collaboration between the private sector, government and disability sector NGO’s on skills development, education and training of persons with disabilities. Through an interactive and consultative process, the SAE4D’s objective is to either directly or indirectly (through an accredited service provider) provide members access to a database and pipeline of skilled and or professional persons with disabilities available for employment.


Vendor Endorsements

The SAE4D endorses suppliers and other vendors who provide services and goods to the disability community. Where possible the SAE4D will negotiate special discounts and / or benefits to our members who wish to procure such services or goods on behalf of employees working for the members.

Vendors may include recruitment firms specialising in the placement of persons with disabilities, companies selling assistive devices to members of the disabled community, airlines that provide good support and understanding for persons with disabilities when they travel and hotels that provide disabled-friendly accommodation. For a list of our Vendor Endorsements members must login via the Members Login.


Current SAE4D Members

Mercedes Benz
Larimar Group
LGIT Smart Solutions
Liberty Group
Rustim Ariefdien Conulstants
Standard Bank
Tych Business Solutions