The Core Group


SAE4D Steering Group

Dr Jeremiah Majaheni (Jerry) Gule

Employer: Institute of People Management, NPC
Job title: Chief Executive Officer

Reasons for joining SAE4D: When the SAE4D was formed the company that I worked for at the time was totally committed to driving transformation not only internally but externally also. So, when a forum that involved other companies that were passionate about the same thing, it was a no brainer not to prioritize this initiative.  At a personal level this aligned with my values and passion.  The consequence is that even though I left that organization a couple of years ago, I have made it a point to remain connected and active in the SAE4D. It is fulfilling voluntary work to me and heartening to help organizations drive a diverse and inclusive culture that empowers all employees.  There is no question that fostering disability inclusion and integration both in the workplace and in general society is a critical matter and makes business sense.  Persons with disabilities have human rights and for businesses they are customers too.

For a company to be regarded as a good corporate citizen and best in breed it must embrace a culture of diversity and inclusion. The South African Constitution, specifically the Human Rights Bill implores that all people are to be treated with dignity and respect. The workplace is a perfect platform for ensuring that Constitutional values and fundamental human rights are observed. It is a privilege for me to serve companies that are committed to disability integration. I am convinced that the work of the SAE4D is critical for driving transformation and give a leg up to a seriously marginalized population. By collaborating companies can be able to grow their capabilities to advance people with disabilities.


Losh Pather

Employer: Liberty Corporate
Job title:  Learning & Development Manager

Reasons for joining SAE4D: I am committed to the meaningful Transformation of our workforce and believe that respect and dignity are fundamental to human values.

I am honoured to serve as an Executive member of SAE4D as it is an opportunity to share learning and build partnerships to advance people living with disabilities.  It is through education and understanding that people living with disabilities can secure employment and contribute meaningfully.

There are several pieces of legislation that supports the appointment and advancement of people with disabilities in the workplace namely Our Constitution; Employment Equity Act; Skills Development Act; BBBEE to name a few, however we should transform because it is the right thing to do. We welcome the insights and learning shared amongst employers and would like to participate actively in the objectives and goals of the SAE4D.


Ntungu Masindi

Employer: Motus Group
Job title: Head of Diversity and Inclusion

Reasons for joining SAE4D: “Diversity is the art of thinking independently together” the publisher of Forbes Magazine, Malcolm Forbes once said. I believe that every employer in South Africa, and for that matter worldwide, has the responsibility to create a diverse and inclusive work environment which gives employees a sense of belonging. Research has shown that when people have a sense of belonging they perform to their full potential. That’s why I believe that we have to do all we can as Corporate South Africa to employ people with disabilities and enable them to be their best.


Cynthia Khumalo

Employer: Eskom
Job title: Corporate Specialist: Human Resources

Reasons for joining SAE4D: Eskom is committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce and believes this provides opportunities to increase its competitive advantage over its peers. It is therefore crucial for Eskom to ensure that it is well vested and kept abreast on trends in the disability landscape. SAE4D provides a platform for Eskom to self – reflect on disability matters through various benchmarking, networking and development opportunities provided.  The partnership with SAE4D is strategic in nature and shapes Eskom’s Disability management programme.

On a personal level, I am a proponent of Transformation and believes that the inclusion and integration of persons with Disability in the workplace and mainstream society has immerse impact in realising the vision of the National Development Plan, namely halving poverty by 2030.



Developing best practices for the
integration of people with disabilities in the workplace.


SAE4D is committed to cultivating a culture of inclusiveness
in the workplace for South Africans living with disabilities.