The Core Group


SAE4D Steering Group

Losh Pather – Chairperson

Employer: Liberty Corporate
Job title:  Head: Learning & Development

Reasons for joining SAE4D: I am committed to the meaningful transformation of our workforce, respect and dignity are fundamental to human values.

I am honored to serve as Chairperson of the SAE4D, our goal is to empower our members to be disability confident through education, sharing information and through partnerships with likeminded organisations.  It is through education and understanding that persons with disabilities can secure employment, be treated fairly, and with respect. Ultimately we encourage our members to take simple steps to integrate persons with disabilities.

There are several pieces of legislation that supports the appointment and advancement of persons with disabilities in the workplace namely Our Constitution; Employment Equity Act; BBBEE Act, however we should transform because it is the right thing to do. We welcome the insights and shared experiences.

I encourage our members to participate actively in the objectives and goals of the SAE4D. Let’s take action to empower and uplift the lives of persons with disabilities in the world of work.


Ntungu Masindi – Vice chairperson

Employer: Nedbank
Job title: Transformation Specialist

Reasons for joining SAE4D: “Diversity is the art of thinking independently together” the publisher of Forbes Magazine, Malcolm Forbes once said. I believe that every employer in South Africa, and for that matter worldwide, has the responsibility to create a diverse and inclusive work environment which gives employees a sense of belonging.

Research has shown that when people have a sense of belonging they perform to their full potential. That’s why I believe that we have to do all we can as Corporate South Africa to employ persons with disabilities and enable them to be their best.


Bronwyn Slater

Employer: Mercedes-Benz South Africa Limited
Job title: HR Business Partner, Organisation Development and Transformation

Reasons for joining SAE4D: Diversity and Inclusion are fundamental strategic pillars, which facilitate a workforce environment driven by talent, competence, contribution, skill and a sense of belonging. We believe that honing in on the diverse competence of people, supports ultimate organisation success and achievement.
Our corporate values shape the organisational culture, in which we endeavour to instil Passion, Respect, Integrity and Discipline. It is with the building blocks of respect and integrity, that we create an inclusive environment for all people, therefore including persons with disabilities.

As a responsible employer and corporate citizen, it is imperative that we are conscious of providing an accommodating workplace in which we accept all people, and encourage learning and awareness, whilst keeping abreast of topics related to disability in the workplace. Mercedes-Benz South Africa has a vested interest in the disability landscape of our country, extending beyond our workplace, by including the communities in which we operate. This drive, has forged the relationship between our organisation and South African Employers 4 Disability. Everyone is different, yet everyone remains equal.


Nontobeko Mdhluli

Employer: The Sunrise Ability Group
Job title: Talent and Diversity

Reasons for joining SAE4D: Diversity and Inclusion in the South African employment context, is something that is fast gaining momentum. Engagement by corporate, business and government, quite encouraging and indicative of a strong willingness and desire to conform. I have been privileged enough, in my career, that spans nearly 15 years, to have been a part of a transformation journey that has seen us go from speaking generally about employment equity, to touching on very explicit aspects of it. Some of my career highlights, have been the times where corporate has engaged our services specifically to advance the cause for the disempowered demographic groupings in this country, particularly persons living with disabilities.

Throughout the years, we have collaborated with corporate and government to bring about change and diversity in the workplace. It is exciting to see the appetite and zeal, with which corporate is now embracing the inclusion of persons with disability in the workplace. I am a strong advocate for the economic emancipation of the disabled and I am grateful for this platform, which serves both an enabling and informative vehicle to all stakeholders.


Belinda Francis

Employer: Tych Business Solutions
Job Title: Founder & Managing Director

Reasons for joining SAE4D: At  Tych Business Solutions, we are determined to be advocates for persons with disabilities, ensuring full participation and equality in all aspects of society. As a Human Capital Solutions provider, one of our core focuses is the education of corporates and businesses of the importance of an all-inclusive and diverse workplace, and the role they can play in not only empowering persons with disabilities but the potential of sourcing previously untapped professional human capital resources.

We aim to actively work at changing societal attitudes and perceptions about persons with disabilities, develop candidates for competitive employment, and make provisions for companies to welcome these candidates. I believe that this Forum will enhance my ability to carry out my passion to drive the change.


Lwandile Ngendane

Employer: Liberty Group Limited
Job Title: Senior Specialist: Transformation

Reasons for joining SAE4D: From when I first became aware of SAE4D I wanted to take up membership, either in my individual capacity or as a corporate member through my employer organization. Since then I have been exposed to the various events and activities.

My interest and participation on matters concerning persons with disabilities has grown and continues to do so, along with my understanding and application of various policy instruments that are aimed at improving the prospects of gaining entry into or advancement in employment for designated groups. I am pleased to contribute towards this through SAE4D and beyond.


Dr Jeremiah Majaheni (Jerry) Gule

Employer: Institute of People Management, NPC
Job title: Supporting Member

Reasons for joining SAE4D: When the SAE4D was formed the company that I worked for at the time was totally committed to driving transformation not only internally but externally also. So, when a forum that involved other companies that were passionate about the same thing, it was a no brainer not to prioritize this initiative.  At a personal level this aligned with my values and passion.  The consequence is that even though I left that organization a couple of years ago, I have made it a point to remain connected and active in the SAE4D. It is fulfilling voluntary work to me and heartening to help organizations drive a diverse and inclusive culture that empowers all employees.  There is no question that fostering disability inclusion and integration both in the workplace and in general society is a critical matter and makes business sense.  Persons with disabilities have human rights and for businesses they are customers too.

For a company to be regarded as a good corporate citizen and best in breed it must embrace a culture of diversity and inclusion. The South African Constitution, specifically the Human Rights Bill implores that all people are to be treated with dignity and respect. The workplace is a perfect platform for ensuring that Constitutional values and fundamental human rights are observed. It is a privilege for me to serve companies that are committed to disability integration. I am convinced that the work of the SAE4D is critical for driving transformation and give a leg up to a seriously marginalized population. By collaborating companies can be able to grow their capabilities to advance persons with disabilities.



Developing best practices for the
integration of persons with disabilities in the workplace.


SAE4D is committed to cultivating a culture of inclusiveness
in the workplace for South Africans living with disabilities.