About SAE4D


About South African Employers 4 Disability

Who we are

South African Employers for Disability (SAE4D) is a body constituted by employers who are committed to addressing issues confronting the integration of people with disabilities in the workplace.

We have joined together as a group to share our experiences, develop best practices, confront and tackle prejudices that act as barriers to the integration of people with disabilities in the workplace, and form a common understanding of the challenges and solutions required to fully develop the potential of people with disabilities to contribute meaningfully to society and business.


Our Mission

The SAE4D acknowledges that:

  • People with disabilities are largely an untapped sector in the labour market.
  • People with disabilities have immense potential to contribute meaningfully to our society and our businesses.
  • Such potential needs to be converted into positive action where people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to contribute and be rewarded for their inherent worth.
  • Its own role is to help guide employers create an enabling environment in which people with disabilities suffer no discrimination in the workplace and are integrated into the workforce.
  • The key to its mission is based on an open dialogue with those affected – employers, people with disabilities and those that represent them.

Our Philosophy

SAE4D is committed to cultivating a culture of inclusiveness in the workplace for South Africans living with disabilities. As employers we offer a platform in which the voices of people with disabilities is heard and where action is taken to incorporate the disabled as equal citizens in the workplace.

As the SAE4D we do this not because the Constitution and the Employment Equity Act enshrines the right of people with disabilities to equal opportunity; we do this because people with disabilities enrich the fabric of our society, our communities, our businesses and our families – we do this because as employers we believe people with disabilites have inherent worth and ability that has gone unsung for too long in the workplace.


The Core Group

The operations of the SAE4D is overseen by the Core Group or executive committee comprising representatives from members of the SAE4D. The purpose of the Core Group is to manage the projects of the SAE4D, administer the funds of the SAE4D for the benefit of the organisation and to provide guidance and support to the members of the SAE4D.

Members of the Core Group receive no remuneration for the time dedicated to the work of the group. The Core Group meets at least monthly and arranges meetings of the full board which generally take place between two and four times a year. The current chairman of the Core Group is Dr Jerry Gule (CEO of Institute of People Management).


Enabling disability confidence in the workplace



Help employers create an enabling environment to employ people with disabilities,
and to ensure that they suffer no discrimination and are integrated in the human resources
strategy and practices of companies